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5 Simple Home Remedies for Stomach Ache

Stomach PainStomach ache is the uneasiness experienced in the abdominal area, between the chest and the pelvis. Almost everyone at some time in their life has experience a stomach ache. Children love to fake a tummy ache as it is an easy way to miss school or in case they have an unfinished homework. Even grownups fake a stomach ache to spend the day playing golf instead of working hard at their job. Well, there are times we do have a legitimate stomach ache that put us off work and pleasure. Nervous stomach cannot really be categorized under any specific disease, conditions such as indigestion, bloating, or even changes in bowel habits. On the other hand Stomach acid pain occurs due to increase or decrease of stomach acid which is also known as gastric acid. Your stomach needs adequate amount of hydrochloric acid to digest proteins and breaking them into smaller molecules which are then digested in the intestinal tract. Believe it or not most of the time the diagnoses’ of your pain; it is a result of stress and / or anxiety. Besides with a stomach pain, sometimes you may get symptoms of nausea, diarrhea too. The pain can be caused by many different things such as a certain food not agreeing with your stomach or could be spoiled food, or simply a beginning of a virus starting to form. What many people don’t know about stomach is that viruses can’t be cured; they simply have to run their course and make its way out of your system. What should be done at such a time, when we really need to feel well and get on with our lives but a stomach ache holds us down? Well, we can always visit a doctor for treatment but a simple, annoying tummy ache can be treated using some simple stomach ache remedies at home. The following time-tested home remedies for a stomach ache will surely provide you some relief.

Bananas&PapyasRemedy 1 – You may want to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables such as bananas or papaya which are very helpful in curing a stomach ache. Make sure that you are reducing the intake of non-vegetarian foods such as meats and also dairy foods such as milk as they will only upset your stomach. Drinking liquids such as sprite or 7up is easier for an upset stomach and also helps ease the pain & digestion.


Garlic&GingerRemedy 2 – Garlic and ginger are very effective in reducing the pain and discomfort of a stomach ache. Garlic helps cleanse the blood and Ginger helps with the digestive functions of the body, which is also a plus in flushing out whatever is causing your stomach pains. Together, will bring you a quick relief relief


LimeGinger&MintRemedy 3 – Another great home remedy that you might want to try would be lime, ginger, and mint. In this home remedy you will want to mix & blend them together also to add a pinch of sea salt. Drink the mixture early in the morning and repeat the procedure periodically during the day at least few times. This home remedy not only reduces gas trapped in your stomach which causes a lot of stomach pain problems, but it also improves blood circulation.


Cardamom seedsRemedy 4 –   You may also want to try soaking cardamom seeds for at least half an hour in boiling water and then consuming them few times a day. This home remedy not only helps reduce stomach ache problems but it also helps flush out any virus they may be starting up.


plainYogurtRemedy 5 – Yogurt contains ingredients that can keep stomach problems at bay. Plain yogurt not flavored, without any sugar, promotes the normal functioning of the digestive system, and is one of the most recommended home remedies for a stomach ache.

The stomach ache can also be due to intake of painkillers (ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen) that are infamous for damaging the stomach lining. There have been cases that in a week period course, of painkillers have caused severe harm to the stomach lining, leading to long-lasting stomach discomfort. Long term use of antacids, laxatives or antibiotics can also be harmful to stomach health. So, one should use caution when it comes to taking these medications and in fact use them only when absolutely necessary. Also, do not forget to follow the colorful food, which means include a variety of fruits and vegetables in the diet to keep your digestive system healthy. Spicy foods, coffee, alcohol and smoking are known to irritate the digestive state. You may have to exclude milk from your diet, in case stomach ache is followed by frequent course of diarrhea.

Disclaimer: Seek help from a medical expert before you apply any of the home remedies if you have past medical history. On the basis of your symptoms, the doctor will decide a medication that best works for you.


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