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Even before your doctor can write a prescription drugs for almost any kind of disorder or matter, natural remedies were used to heal the majority known ailments. Lately more and more men and women are choosing to cure their sicknesses through natural home remedies rather than contaminating their body with doctor prescribed drugs which normally are loaded with downside results that can either be mild or major and for some people even lethal. In a number of situations, homemade remedies have been confirmed to be less complicated than recommended drugs and treat your body the natural way with no adverse reactions. A lot of home treatments originated before pharmaceutical drugs and were only source for many people in bygone times. The home remedies were only source to apply for various diseases and problems. Here is a list of number of the most common Home Treatments still used to this day.

GarlicGarlic – is an awesome solution for all kinds of disorders and situations. Garlic is a superb home treatment for all forms of sicknesses also aids to help your immune system and helps your inner health for bacterial and viral problems. Not only garlic can help with LDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease, it additionally helps forestall colon or abdomen cancer. Garlic also acts as a blood thinner and could lend a hand with blood flow and circulations. Many People take garlic dietary supplements to help with their inner bodies and keeps in normal range. So make sure you add garlic to your food or get daily garlic supplements to keep your body’s defense system in tip extreme form.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil – used in the food enhancers, flavoring candy and chocolate, also stops fungus in food grains packaging from decomposing. Castor oil is additionally an extra home remedy for treatments that has been applied for ages by many cultures. Castor oil has the ability to help induce labor or hair growth, clear acne and used for skin care and relieves severe itching as well as bruising. Taking just a spoonful of castor oil when constipated can regulate your system and cleans your inner body or helps other stomach issues as well. However castor oil is not the best taste home remedy, you can try blending it with a glass of fruit juice or tea for better taste and still you get the same results.


Licorice –is a very prominent sweets that may also enable you to combat with cold signs or symptoms such as cough and chest congestion. As an alternative of consuming the licorice as a sweet, try to have some licorice pot of tea. Simply brew the licorice root added to your favored natural tea and heat for a minimum of 10 Minutes. Allow the tea to cool down, have the tea at a lukewarm temperature, it would help you with cough or chest congestion. Drink up to 2-4 cups of the licorice tea daily, unless your symptoms of cough and congestion subside. This is a speedy treatment and you may find out the results within hours of drinking. You can as well need to try inhaling the steam when the tea is brewing, this can additionally help in clearing out your airways for better breathing and breaking up mucus. Licorice may also be valuable in protecting against neurodegenerative diseases and also preventing you from getting tooth cavity.


Onions and Olive OilOnions and Olive Oil – furthermore and likewise bring relief to blockage in congestion. That is an ancient therapy that has also been used for generations and can remove discomfort virtually fast. Simply take a frying pan and add olive oil to the pan, heat the olive oil and then add 1 large chopped onion to the pan. Cook the onion for 5 minutes and then add about ¼ of a teaspoon of curry powder to the mixture and cook another 5 minutes. Now let the onion, olive oil, and curry powder combination to set and then devour. You can follow this process few times a day and it can considerably help you with your existence of chest congestion. This also helps you breathe easily and in addition helps break up any mucus causing your chest congestion. Onion has healing qualities helps with antibacterial, cleansing, stimulating capacities. Onion also has high sulfur content, it is a mineral present in every cell in our body, especially in hair, skin and nails. High amount of sulfur in onion makes it particularly effective in regenerating hair follicles and stimulating hair regrowth. Squeeze the juice out of one medium uncooked onion ½ cup & mix it with 1/4-cup of olive oil creates enough hair conditioner for one to two applications, depending on your hair length and thickness. Apply the mixture to the top of the scalp and massage deep into the hair roots – but again, do gently, so as not to cause traction. This hair remedy will work best if you can carry out at least for few weeks.


Cherries & Juice

Cherries or Cherry Juice – is also a very popular and long-time used home remedy for conditions such as gout and arthritis.   This is because cherries and cherry juice contains properties to reduce swelling. Simply taking 2 tablespoons of concentrated cherry juice and then mixing it with 6 ounces of water can be a miracle mixture to help with pain associated with arthritis and gout. Make sure that you drink cherry juice or consume fresh cherries periodically to help prevent swelling from occurring or when you have bouts of gout flare up.




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